Healthy snacks, ecological production and advantages for your wellbeing

Healthy snacks, ecological production and advantages for your wellbeing
Here and there is truly hard to try not to eat between meals, isn't it? However, on numerous occasions, snacking isn't generally recommended. In any case, with the presence of healthy snacks, it has become a delight that doesn't need to unfavourably influence the health of our body.

On the off chance that you are somebody who appreciates eating at home, but regularly having to eat outside, don't stress! You simply need to give a little consideration to what you eat and choose snacks that contain healthy organic ingredients with little fat content.

Ipanema Valley is a source you can trust. We have listed some organic snacks with better ingredients below.


100% Plant-Based BROWNIES! Made from non-GMO bananas grown in the red soil banana farms of Brazil.

They are made from 100% organic ingredients. Our snacks are gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, nut free, soy free, trans fat free, sugar free, artificial flavors, preservative and colorant free. They are also vegan and non-GMO.

Wholesome, clean nutrition without any herbicides or pesticides. Our fruit is cultivated in nutrient rich soils under the highest agricultural standards.

Our unique cooking process, developed over 3 years, compresses 100 million fruit cells together. The result is a flavour experience you’ve never had before!

This snack has loads of fibre and potassium. Banana Brownies are 100% fruit and contain no wheat. Banana Brownies contain ZERO animal ingredients.

Take when you need a quick and easy boost! Each square is like a fruit in your pocket!

They come in different flavors:

1. BANANA BROWNIES – just banana

Tastes Like Caramelized bananas with echoes of cinnamon! YUM!

INGREDIENTS: 100% BANANA Check out our post about Banana Benefits: Banana - The Best Fruit, Banana Brownie – The Best Snack

2. BANANA BROWNIES – with Guava


Check out our latest post about Guava Benefits: 15 Amazing Guava Benefits in Ipanema Valley Healthy Snacks.

3. BANANA BROWNIES – with Pineapple



Most nutritionists and dieticians suggest 5 meals every day. Breakfast, lunch and supper are the main meals. Anyway, eating something between main meals assists us with showing up several hours with less craving, being the ideal time for eating fruits and other healthy snacks plentiful in nutrients.

The idea of snacking is related to wrongdoing or something unsafe, in light of the low quality of food produced during the incredible industrialization of the food area. That turns the expression "healthy snack" into an extremely conflicting idea for the buyer. Yet, is it truly harmful or unhealthy to take snacks? Indeed, it relies upon its preparation and its ingredients. The snacks can be healthy, and in any event, bring us extraordinary advantages.

It is normal, in the modern snack processes, the utilization of compound substances called "food additives", which are utilized to broaden the life of the item and improve its appearance and taste. Obviously, these substances are unsafe and can produce diet and health imbalance.

There will always be mixed opinions about snacking. Take a look at our snacking overview and decide for yourself: Is Snacking Good or Bad for You?

How to recognize healthy snacks?

However, what can we do to recognize a healthy snack? A snack should be made utilizing fresh or dried organic products, nuts, yogurt, vegetables and/or oats. Moreover, these snacks should contain nutrients just as cell reinforcements (antioxidants) and ought not to contain added substances. Besides, it must not contain saturated fats, which reduces the caloric value of the product and helps to control cholesterol and triglycerides. This way you do not risk the possibility of falling into diseases such as diabetes.

On the off chance that you like cooking, you can set up your own bites. All things considered, if you are one of those people who are really busy and don't have enough time a day, we would like to recommend the products of Ipanema Valley to you.

Ipanema Valley is a company that’s making the ultimate plant-based snacks. We take pride in our products. We are committed to helping Brazilian farmers to get more profits from their products and reduce banana waste. But let’s focus on the snacks.

They are the cleanest snacks on the market and some of the healthiest alternatives for your diet. It doesn’t matter if you are at work, in the office, at school or at home because they will make you feel the best taste of bananas and will keep you full of energy.

A snack without unhealthy ingredients

If you haven’t made up your mind to try or buy these healthy snacks till now, continue reading because there is more. Our most successful snack, the Banana Brownies, can last up to 10 months without any conservatives and you can have a taste of bananas at any time and anywhere. That’s what makes them one of the best office snacks. You can be vegan and still enjoy the best taste of banana brownies. There is a lot of fruit concentrated. One particular snack contains an entire banana. How unbelievable is that?! Well, check it out yourself.

So, this is the unknown superfood for you, until now, from a company that’s helping Brazilian farmers by taking the bananas that supermarket doesn’t sell because of their esthetic and making delicious snacks from them. The farmers will get more profits and their products won’t be thrown away. Throughout all this process no machinery is used but is all made in a natural way. See the whole process here.

Ipanema Valley Snacks Value

We have built up a wide scope of snacks perfect to enjoy eating between meals. We offer organic snack items. Today, we are a strong and exceptionally perceived organization, which improves each day their natural and quality products offer. Ipanema Valley defends organic farming, as the basis of its development.

In case you want to learn more about how to carry out a healthier lifestyle, don't miss our articles about the advantages of natural items. We likewise will talk about the effect of non-natural farming techniques on our blog.

We believe that our advice is helpful for you and that you start to be aware that giving yourself a snack between main meals doesn't have to be negative for your wellbeing. If you consume healthy snacks, you are taking care of yourself and supporting organic production, which respects the environment and develops products that do not harm your body and furnish you with the nutrients you need.

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