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Banana Energy Bites w-Coffee 75 g | 6 pack

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  • 2 INGREDIENTS ONLY—Finally, a more simplified energy snack. That means, no syrups, no added sugars, no gluten, no saturated fats, no unnecessary candy like coatings. Just real food: banana & cinnamon/ginger/coffee
  • TASTY & NATURALFestive spice notes with caramelized banana/Pumpkin pie notes with a backdrop of banana/ Coffee with banana creates a bold, rich, almost caramel like flavour with hints of espresso.
  • SMART ENERGY—The fibre in our PRESSED banana bites helps to slowly release carbs into your blood stream to give you a more sustained and methodical energy boost with less of a crash effect.  The added cinnamon further stabilizes blood sugar and keeps insulin spikes at bay to give you and a healthier energy boost./The added ginger increase oxygen flow to facilitate energy transport and give you a healthier energy boost. The added coffee adds to the boost!
  • SUPPORTING SUSTAINABILITY—The bananas we use are rejected bananas, perfectly fine to eat, just cosmetically imperfect for supermarkets.  Eating this product directly helps in preventing food waste and fosters sustainability in the operations of small scale banana farmers.
  • GREEN INITIATIVE—The portable box is made from 100% recycled material.