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Banana Brownies w-Fig 120g | 12 Pack

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  • SWEET YOU CAN EAT! If you want your taste buds to fall in love, then OH BABY! This fruit snack has it all! DELICIOUS, SMOOTH and RICH. ZERO fat with few calories, NO sugar added. Good to get past your sugar cravings for sure!
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Ginger bread infused with caramel, the fig is understated yet complex. 
  • FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE SATISFIED (BUT NOT QUITE) WITH THEIR CLEAN SNACKS BUT WANT SOMETHING MORE. This pure fruit snack will do the trick to the point where the philosophy of simplicity extends to its minimal bare packaging style.
  • FREE FROM EVERYTHING! Gluten-free, dairy free, peanut free, no sugar added. 
  • IT SATISFIES! 100% Fruit-Yet fudgy! A new era in healthy snack innovation taking 3 years to make. Using a unique method, 100 million fruit cells are compressed to make a nutrient dense, flavour intense masterpiece.